Prof. Antonio Apicella
Name: Prof. Antonio Apicella
Affiliation: Second University of Naples, Italy

Position: Head of the Schools of Design, Department of Architecture and Industrial Design Antonio Apicella is full professor of Materials Science and Technology at the Second University of Naples and Director of the Master school of "Design for Innovation" and of the Bachelor degrees in Design. Current researchs on new biomimetic materials, advanced materials for aerospace applications and technology transfer in the field of high techs are carried out in his Advanced Material Lab of the of at the Second University of Naples.

Topic: New biomimetic hybrid nanocomposites for early fixation prostheses
Abstract: The research develops and tests new hybrid biomimetic materials that work as mechanically stimulating "scaffolds" to promote early regeneration in implanted bone healing phases. A biomimetic nanostructured osteoconductive material coated apparatus is presented. Bioinspired approaches to materials and templated growth of hybrid networks using self-assembled hybrid organic-inorganic interfaces is finalized to extend the use of hybrids in the medical field. Combined in vivo, in vitro and computer aided simulations have been carried out. A new experimental methodology for the identification of design criteria for new innovative prosthetic implant systems is presented. The new implant design minimizes the invasiveness of treatments while improving implant functional integration. A new bioactive ceramo-polymeric hybrid material was used to modify odontostomatological Titanium implants in order to promote early fixation, biomechanical stimulation for improved scaffold mineralization and ossification. It is a hybrid ceramo-polymeric nanocomposites based on Hydroxyl-Ethyl- Methacrylate polymer (pHEMA) filled with nanosilica particles that have shown biomimetic characteristics. This material swells in presence of aqueous physiological solution leading to the achievement of two biomechanical functions: prosthesis early fixation after and bone growth stimulation. Such multidisciplinary approach explores novel ideas in modelling, design and fabrication of new nanostructured biomaterials with enhanced functionality and improved interaction with OB cells

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